Input Plugins

Stdin Key Presses

Importing kaa.input.stdin plugin will add a new signal to the global Kaa signals dictionary called stdin_key_press. When the first callback is connected to this signal, the terminal is put into non-canonical mode which allows per-keystroke input to be available immediately. When the last callback is disconnected (or when the program exits), the terminal is returned to canonical mode.

The callback receives a single string argument describing the character being inputted. If the character is printable (e.g. alphanumberic) then it is that character, otherwise it is one of the following strings: up, down, right, left pgup, pgdn, F1 through F12, ins, del, end, home, esc, tab, enter, space, backspace.

For example:

import kaa, kaa.input.stdin

def handle_char(key):
    print 'Key pressed:', key



Importing kaa.input.lirc plugin will add a new signal to the global Kaa signals dictionary called lirc. Use of this plugin requires the pylirc module to be available.

Callbacks connected to the lirc signal will be invoked for each button pressed, and the callback will receive as a single paramter the value of the config field for the button defined in lircrc.

Key repeats are smoothed out, such that for a key being held down, the callback will be invoked less initially, but more frequently as the key continues to be held, up to 10 times a second.

In order to activate the plugin, you need to call the init function:

kaa.input.lirc.init(appname=None, cfg=None)

Initialize lirc and begin monitoring for events.

  • appname – the name of the program that corresponds to the prog value in the lircrc file (default: kaa)
  • cfg – the path to the lircrc config file (default: ~/.lircrc). See for more details.
Raises :

ImportError if pylirc is not installed.

Consider the following ~/.lircrc:

    remote = hdpvr
    button = Play
    prog   = freevo
    repeat = 1
    config = foobar

And the Python code:

import kaa, kaa.input.lirc

def handle_lirc(button):
    print 'Remote control button pressed:', button


When the Play button is pressed, handle_lirc() will be called with the value foobar.

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